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operations management

product development; risk analysis; strategic planning; budget management; staff management

program management

organizing; planning; scheduling; creating program strategy; reporting; budget planning

website / app creation

producing functional requirements, creating wireframes; designing and building websites and apps; managing development process; user testing

business strategy

developing scalable processes to increase the production of goods and services; guiding the creation of new revenue channels; mapping and redesigning processes

digital strategy

providing digitization expertise; managing the creation of strategic roadmaps; evaluating program information systems; creating management tools


created businesses, non-profits, departments and teams; increased the production of goods and services of teams and organizations

strategic thinking

captured, reviewed, and prioritized software defects and enhancements for inclusion in product roadmaps; successfully determined funding, process, and resource needs for small businesses and non-profits


analyzed app usage data and customer feedback to make a decision to decrease the app price by 50%, resulting in increased sales; performed cost benefit analysis to make major resourcing decisions


analyzed customers using interviews, focus groups, surveys, and feedback emails; analyzed market by determining competitors, estimating size, and determining expected usage; used customer and market analysis to create business models, user personas, and competitor analysis


engineering major that has estimated the cost of features and created release plans; created functional requirements for 10+ products ranging in impact from large (an entire division), to small (a few people on a project); reviewed specifications created by development

cost management

created a bottom-up forecasting tool used to maintain a $100M+ budget; determined 5-year funding needs and projected revenue for a startup; successfully forecasted with a variance less than 5% a $40M portfolio

project management

created and maintained project schedules and tasks for a portfolio of 30+ construction projects; identified, assessed and controlled $10M risk management plan; negotiated a fixed price contract for software development saving thousands of dollars;  reviewed contract details and functional specs to make sure quality products are delivered on 100+ projects


created and delivered presentations that are concise, engaging, and tailored to several types of key stakeholders from C-Suite executives to blue collar workers; created and presented an investment pitch deck that led to maximum participation and investment


make things happen


take charge, speak up and make sure others are heard

Relationship Building

build strong relationships that hold a team together

Strategic Thinking

absorb and analyze information that informs better decisions

1 Achiever

I love to complete tasks, and my accomplishments fulfill me. I have a strong inner drive — an innate source of intensity, energy and power that motivates me to work hard to get things done.

2 Analytical

My natural ability to investigate, diagnose and identify patterns results in valuable insights that are logical and well-thought-out. My critical thinking helps clarify reality and provides objectivity.

3 Deliberative

I am thorough and conscientious. Through my natural anticipation and careful thought process, I know how to reduce risks and prevent problems from arising.

4 Learner

I love to learn, and I intuitively know how I learn best. My natural ability to pick up and absorb information quickly and to challenge myself to continually learn more keeps me on the cutting edge.

5 Relator

I naturally form genuine and mutually rewarding one-on-one relationships. My authenticity allows me to build close, long-lasting connections that foster trust and confidence.

6 Command

I am direct and firm in the face of resistance or challenges. Because I am comfortable taking charge and speaking up, I can remove bottlenecks and reassure others in times of crisis.

7 Significance

I want to do important work and am determined to make a difference. I want others to respect me for my significant contribution and willingness to work hard to achieve success.

8 Belief

My core values guide me and give me purpose. I provide clarity, conviction and stability by living my values.

9 Responsibility

I have a deep sense of dedication and feel ownership for my commitments. I am a person of my word, and others know they can rely on and trust me.

10 Futuristic

I am a visionary. My powerful anticipation and detailed visualization of a better future can turn aspirations into reality. My vision of tomorrow can inspire and push others to new heights.

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Blaqmoji D9 Opening Ranking for Best Paid App in Entertainment on the App Store

champions Black Greek Letter Organizations in the tech space, and shift the way people think about Black representation to provide a more positive and uplifting experience.

BLAQMOJI has an emoji app, e-commerce store, and 10k NFT art collection in development.

bespeak spirit

is a non-profit currently serving a remote village in the Segou region of Mali, Africa. BeSpeak has repaired and built wells for water; provided supplies to a school; and is securing funding to build a medical clinic.

BeSpeak Spirit is also partnering with BLAQMOJI to educate Black youth in the U.S.

Bespeak Spirit $ Raised in Support of the Segou Region of Mali, Africa
pocket.rev Offer Conversion Rate

is a faith based tech startup, focusing on effectively using technology to minister to younger generations.

The web app has completed beta testing. We are seeking funding for the creation of a mobile app.

App Store Rating
Alpha Emoji Design
App Design & Development
Alpha KA Emoji Design
Kappa Emoji Design
Omega Emoji Design
Wireframes & Functional Requirements
Delta Emoji Design
Sigma Emoji Design
Iterative Design Review Process
Zeta Emoji Design
SG Rho Emoji Design
Investment Pitch Deck
Iota Emoji Design
Emoji Skin Tone Design
D9 Black History Facts
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Artavia B. Berry
Blaqmoji LLC

I’m a visionary. I have a lot of great ideas. When it’s time to bring an idea to life, I call Joy.